Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Square One

After watching the documentary Forks Over Knives I realized that the answer to my high cholesterol wasn't another pill.  It was spinach.  I come from a family of heart diseased people with road maps all over their chests from bypass surgery and who take meds for the problem.  I didn't want to make that trip if I could help it.  Knives aren't all that fun to play with (except in the kitchen of course) and tend to feel a little uncomfortable when applied to the chest area.  All pills have side effects.  Let me repeat that:  ALL PILLS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS  and so I didn't want to have a good heart, but poor eyes, as one example.
Consider this:  Your doctor spends very little time on your case unless you are in crisis.  He sees a lot of patients in a day - around 30 and you get about 15 minutes of that day.  He doesn't go back to his office and sit down for a think about how to manage your health.  That's your job.  Do your homework.  Release your inner Batman.
There's lots of resources out there and I'm here to provide you with a few.  Start with the documentary. You can stream it directly from Netflix and it is also available at the library.  Go ahead I'll wait.  And don't worry, it's not going to show you graphic images of animals being mistreated.  I promise.  This one's about health.  Your health.  And you will be all in-the-know after you watch it.  No joke.

Be Batman.  Today.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Journey Begins

One and a half years ago my cholesterol number came in at 326.
Shocking.  Scary.  Requiring immediate action.
But what action?

I have to admit I don't like drugs.  Drug companies are in the business of making money and they do that by keeping the population using their drugs.  I'm sure everyone has seen the commercial, "Ask your doctor if (insert drug name here) is right for you."

So I started to do some research about what my alternatives might be and it opened up a huge new world to me with some very good choices that I could try before risking the side effects that come with drug therapy.  Not only were these choices likely to improve my health, but also the planet, and the welfare of animals.
My doctor and I made a deal;  He gave me one year to do it on my own 
or we do it "his way."

This blog and soon-to-be launched podcast is about my journey.
One year later, my number is down to 247 and due for another check soon.  It appears to be working.
My husband has joined in on the fun.
The food is delicious.
I'm losing weight.
I feel amazing.
I sleep like a baby.
I don't hurt.
My skin is better.

I'm also a knitter, crafter, and home maker who loves to camp and travel and enjoy a busy enriched life.

Like so many, I do have struggles and challenges and perhaps you do too and we can talk about finding balance, day-to-day issues, and everything in between.

Don't we love food?  Yes we do!  So let's kick things off with a really great recipe! This is how I start every day...


1 cup Almond Milk (plain or vanilla)
½ Ripe Banana
1 cup Frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, all of the above)
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
1 Tbsp Ground Flax Seed
1 Kale Leaf

Buzz all in a blender until smooth and creamy.

Note:  Any non-dairy milk can be used in this.  The banana makes it plenty sweet, so plain/unsweetened is recommended.  
You can buy flax seed already ground or grind your own from seed in a coffee grinder. 
 Keep either in the fridge.
No, you won't taste the kale leaf.  You're just being sneaky here!  It's all good.

For more information and if you do JUST ONE THING to learn more about this topic, watch the movie:
FORKS OVER KNIVES.  It's all about the health benefits of a plant-based diet and not about animal abuse (I promise.)